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A Passion for Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Door-to-door sales has been around for over 100 years now. The concept of "summer sales" has only been around for 20 years, but it has already proven to be an excellent framework for learning not only the art of selling, but to massively grow as a person.

It's also a way to earn a lot of money. Which is great, but when a company is focused on money from top to bottom, some of those life-changing growth moments are pushed to the background.

Our founders saw a desperate need within the summer sales industry for a different approach to the business – an approach that puts people first, above money and everything else.

Our number one priority as a company is the personal growth of our reps; money will always be a secondary concern.

Travis Harwood

Everyone in the company calls him Grandpa. And with over two decades of experience selling everything from home security to satellite dishes, it actually makes sense.

Summer sales has allowed Travis to build and sell multiple businesses. He now wants to teach the framework that changed his life.

Jordan Abner

Jordan started as a regular old sales rep at his last company, and after a few years he had worked his way to the point of being able to buy into the company as an owner. Shortly thereafter, he had the realization that things in the summer sales industry could be done to better benefit the individual reps. So he left to cofound Pact Marketing.

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