Start Building Your Life — All Aspects of It

If you look at this as solely a job, then that's what you'll get out of it, just a good chunk of change.

If you see this as an opportunity to grow, then you can use it as a foundation to build a successful life on.

“The skills you gain here are so transferrable to other aspects of life that you’re gonna kill it!”
— Max Bode / Boise Office


The number one skill that reps say they gained while selling with us is confidence. And it's no wonder. You'll be knocking doors for 9 hours a day, putting yourself out there every time. You'll quickly learn that not everyone is going to say 'yes' to you on the doors, just like in your life. Once you learn to not take it personally and move on, you're on your way to becoming and unstoppable force.

Social Skills

While you can't make everyone like you, it doesn't hurt to try. You'll learn all sorts of methods to present yourself to total strangers, and get them to like you immediately. Needless to say, this is applicable to interactions outside of sales.

Communication Skills

Effective communication requires you to know exactly what you want, while listening intently to what the other party is telling you – with their mouth and their body. The skills you learn here will help you navigate relationships and interactions for the rest of your life.

Mental Fortitude

Rejection is just part of life. And in this job, you get it a lot. Once you learn there is no pain to rejection, you stop fearing it. This will allow you to pursue things in life that you otherwise would have talked yourself out of.

“My ultimate goal in life is to have financial freedom, and I’m getting closer to that every day with what I’m doing out here.”
— Tucker Rammage / Boise Office


We're gonna go ahead and say it again because it's worth repeating: you can make a lot of money with us. Your commission increases the more you sell, so the only limit on the amount of money you can make is... you.


Making money is cool. But when your money is making money, you know you've reached the pinnacle of cool. We'll pay better than any summer job out there, plus we'll teach you how to make smart investments that will start paying dividends almost immediately.

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School is good and all, but you will never truly learn how to run a business by sitting in a classroom. Get an up-close view of how a business runs, and hands-on training in how to make that happen for yourself.

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