The Internship

Get Paid to Learn the Secrets to success

Summer Sales is the perfect framework for gaining new skills like confidence and emotional maturity.

Pact Marketing supercharges that experience by turning a summer job into a real internship. You won't just be selling pest control and making money, you'll be learning skills and receiving training and mentorship from some of the best in the industry as they teach you how to put it all to use.

What you learn here will set you up for success, no matter what you choose to do with your life.

Is This Job for me?

This job is hard. Please watch the videos below understand what exactly this internship is, what to expect in your first summer, and how learning these skills can impact your life. If you feel you have what it takes, please click the link above to schedule your full interview.


You'll receive remote and in-person training from the only Platinum Door Award winner, Daniel Schofield. As a founder of Pact, he helped craft what is arguably the most successful pitch in door to door history, and now he teaches it to you.


Pact Marketing rewards its reps with mind-blowing pay scales that continue to produce some of the top earners in the business. Our pay plan is one of the many reasons our reps continue to come back each summer!


Yes, getting paychecks is nice, but we know the strength of valuable incentives. During the summer you will have the opportunity to earn thousands in cash and prizes through team and personal competitions.


Typically, you would be working in a different area of the country from where you reside. Over the years, Pact Marketing has found that students working away from home face fewer distractions and take their work more seriously.


Not only will you be learning from your experience on the doors, you'll also get hands-on training all summer long from the founders. They'll share their years of experience with you, teaching and guiding you in this job, but also in core areas of life.